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implementing effective activity based teaching methodologies


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Teacher Training / Workshops

International play Way Method Activities Training is given to the teachers at Pre-primary and secondary level. PPTC and power point Presentation training is also given to the teachers to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Guest lectures from expert educationalists are arranged to give an insight from those who could go up the ladder of success  in teaching line. Teachers attend the workshops regularly to upgrade their teaching techniques to match the child’s learning instinct abilities.

Workshop organizers:

  • Cambridge University
  • Young Learner’s Workshop (YLE)
  • Oxford University Press
  • British Council
  • Pearson Longman
  • Pidilite
  • Madhuban
  • Brain Feed Magazine
  • Burooj Islamic Organisation
  • Robotic Workshop

Conferences Organizers:

  • eINDIA, Digital Learning
  • Vision 2020
  • Edutpro India 2020
  • EI, Mind Spark Technology & Duke University
  • The Google
  • The Hindu
  • Buzzle India

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