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It was in the year 2002, when VIP's INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL has opened its door for education, that parents realized there is more to education than learning by rote. VIP's INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL has explored the entire gamut of learning techniques and opened up a new world with an evolved system of learning where the student becomes a self-learner.

In the last Twenty one years, VIP's has nurtured a galaxy of brilliant children who have brought laurels and glory to the school.

From MD's Desk

Committed To Excellence In Education

"A child is growing up in a very exciting, but very competitive and tough new world and naturally, you want to give him / her every advantage to succeed. That's what you might want to think very seriously about a school. VIP's INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, is just the school which is specially designed to give your child a real head-start.

A child's mind is highly sensitive to its environment. Anything and everything becomes a learning experience. These experiences add up to make a personality that will eventually grow up in a technologically advanced, constantly changing and challenging environment at VIP's INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL."

Mr. Mujtaba Khan (Amer)

Managing Director
VIP Group of Schools

Our happy parents

Exceptional School ! My daughter is studying in your school since last 4 years and we are very happy with the school and her overall progress. The school's willingness to give them healthy social environment is highly appreciated my best wishes.

Amina Arhan

We would be delighted and as proud parents, We can say VIP's practical study is guaranteed child's natural growth and as a parents we are satisfied for our child's bright future.

Sandeep Rayapati